Due to the encouragement of many people in my life, I am starting this blog to continue logging my journey of grief. I am going to give a brief intro into my story, it feels odd to start a blog without sharing the reason WHY the blog has been created.

Back on 2/6/17 I found myself suddenly and unexpectedly widowed at the ripe age of 25. Matthew, my boyfriend/life partner of 9+ years, was 29 years old and a seemingly healthy man. For his privacy I am going to keep the details of his death brief: he had asymptomatic acute leukemia that caused a lethal brain bleed. We had no idea he even had leukemia until it was far too late. He was gone. The center of my universe was gone, everything happening in mere hours.

Since his death, I have been cataloguing my many thoughts, emotions, triumphs, failures, struggles, and overall journey on my personal Facebook page. I have received amazing encouragement and feedback on said posts, and have decided to move to a medium that is better equipped for me to explore this journey.

My blog is not going to have scheduled posts or any kind of genuine organization. I am not equipped for that. I am a person who does these kinds of things very in the moment. And I am going to share literally any possible aspect of grief or even life. When you go through a major loss like this, it is very common to question every aspect of humanity and life. Trying to make sense of the chaos that your personal life has become involves a lot of very deep thinking and questioning. I plan to share posts such as this, pictures, videos maybe, everything. I hope that my blog is able to capture the complexity, beauty, and diversity that come with grief. Yes, beauty. There are aspects of the grieving process that can be truly beautiful. But that is a thought for another day.

One thought on “Welcome!

  1. I’m so glad you are doing this – you are an excellent writer and your openness concerning your journey through grief is inspirational. I’m so proud of you.

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