Conquering fears

So yesterday evening I was starting to get really restless being trapped indoors. So once the snow started to slow down and they were able to start plowing, I decided to go out to someone’s house. *Side note: when it comes to my personal life, I intend on keeping my loved ones identities as vague as possible just for their privacy*

So I hop in my car (after my sister’s neighbor generously offered to blow the snow off the driveway totally unprovoked, hell yes for Minnesota Nice!) and decide to try to conquer the roads, maybe. I entered with the notion that if it was too bad or too intense for me I would turn around immediately and just accept my circumstances. But no, I made it. And I learned that my car handles the snow like a champ.

I am beyond glad that I decided to do this. The snow has been a noteworthy anxiety trigger for me because I am so unfamiliar with it and I am a generally nervous driver. So knowing that I can drive in the snow means the world to me. It’s so freeing. And it is a small step to show myself that I am capable of more than I realize.

3 thoughts on “Conquering fears

  1. I think that we are all more capable than we realize. Glad you made the effort. Your Grandmother loaned me a great book. It’s called Quiet by Susan Cain. It’s an in-depth study of introverts and our sensitivities. I know that it is not about grieving or PTSD but I have found it very helpful in reassuring me that my behaviors more often than not are normal for who I am, and shouldn’t be dismissed.

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    1. That sounds like an excellent book! There’s so much that I would love to learn about human behavior, especially now that I have such a behavior-altering set of circumstances at the moment. Since I am a curious mind, I like to know WHY something does what it does (no wonder I became a chemist 🤣). I love to learn about the intricacies of the human body and mind and behavioral things are particularly fascinating to me lately.


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