New Beginnings


For the last year, I used a tag line I created early on in widow(er) hood. “Grow Through Grief”. It worked, for a while, however, it bestowed a sense of false positivity, almost a facade of what this journey really is like. I was sharing more successes than realities, and I don’t think that’s fair to this community. While I recognize people want to see recovery and healing, there has to be pain for growth. Hell, I even created a YouTube channel which then I converted my former beer reviewing channel to a channel using the moniker “Grow Through Grief”.

It’s time for that book to be closed. The chapter has been written. I’m nearly a year into this new life, and it’s time to stop hiding behind the masks I impose on myself everyday. These masks include many emotions, expressions, and lies. Most carry imagery of someone is is…

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One thought on “New Beginnings

  1. So glad you are writing this blog Lydia. I look forward to catching up on your entries. Thinking of you today in particular and every day as well! Love you.

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