A Feeling I Did Not Expect…

Now that I have hit and passed the dreaded one year mark, I can’t help but feel like I am having my own personal New Years. I feel like it’s time to purge the pain and put my new life back together. It’s time to remove some of the clutter from my “past life” so […]

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It Has Been a Year

One year ago today was the worst day of my life hands down, no question. Prior to losing my beloved Matthew, I would not have been able to think of the single worst day of my life. Now? I don’t even have to think twice. Losing Matthew was the worst day ever for many of […]

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Struggling with Acceptance

A very common theme for me of late is trying to accept my reality and accept Matt’s death. That is technically a stage of grief, but I don’t like referring to it in that way because it has implications of a linearity that does not exist in real life. I cycle in and out of […]

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