Climbing out of the Hole of Grief

I wrote this the other day on my personal Facebook page and due to the responses I have received I have decided to share it here with some minor editing for privacy purposes: The anniversary of my spouse’s death is coming in fast: this Saturday. I wasn’t going to say anything until the actual day, […]

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So Many Emotions, So Little Time

When you’re a widow, the amount of emotions that can cycle through your entire body at any given time is unfathomable. I deal with so many conflicting emotions on a daily basis and it’s exhausting and overwhelming. In one given moment, I can feel so many different things. I am often joyful and melancholic at […]

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A Look at Transition Phases

I feel as if I am in the middle of a very large and important transition phase. And I have been really struggling to put what I am currently going through into words, let alone words that are sensible and somewhat coherent. But I am going to try, because the transition phases are such an […]

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The Path to Acceptance

For the first time since losing Matt, I seem to be entering into some sort of an acceptance stage. I don’t typically like referring to the typical five stages of grief, I feel they grossly over-simplify the process. But alas, acceptance is part of healing. Acceptance isn’t as straight forward as one would think. There’s […]

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A Feeling I Did Not Expect…

Now that I have hit and passed the dreaded one year mark, I can’t help but feel like I am having my own personal New Years. I feel like it’s time to purge the pain and put my new life back together. It’s time to remove some of the clutter from my “past life” so […]

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A Different Look at Grief

When you lose a spouse, your heart and your world are completely obliterated. It is destroyed in every possible sense. Let’s focus solely on the heart for this particular analogy and the heart is meant to represent the entirety of the situation. Picture, if you can, the heart in the more traditional way that you […]

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Struggling with Acceptance

A very common theme for me of late is trying to accept my reality and accept Matt’s death. That is technically a stage of grief, but I don’t like referring to it in that way because it has implications of a linearity that does not exist in real life. I cycle in and out of […]

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